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C2h is a system of two frequency passive landing style, low frequency unit using two 10 inch (75mm Voice-coil) KEVLAR high resolutionLow frequency driver, high frequency unit by a 3  Inch compression driver with a 105 ~ 50*50 degree of non - balanced horn, strong case isBy 15mm high density fiber board attached to the matte black water paint, C1h with a round bottom plate to make it have better landing support ability.C2h-CT frequency divider can provide effective protection for each in-
dividual drive to make it more clear and enhance the quality of the higher level.

Key features 
¡¤    Floor type box
¡¤    KEVLAR High fidelity
¡¤    Power handing 800W(AES)
¡¤    30Hz cut-off frequency
¡¤    75mm Voice-coil
¡¤    Can piece together
Frequency response£º30-18'000 Hz ¡À 3dB
Max. peak SPL£º130dB
Crossover frequency£º1200Hz
Power handling£º800W Rated  (AES)
               1600W Continuous
3200W Peak value
Transducers and electrical
Low frequency£º2x 10 inch£¨75mm Voice-coil£©low distortion Kevlar driver
High frequency£º3 inch diaphragm compression driver
Nominal impedance£º4 ohms
Connectors£º2 x Neutrik Speakon NL4 1+: SP+, 1-: SP-, 2+, 2-: link
Cabinet shape£ºFloor type trapezoidal box
Cabinet size (W x H x D)£º311x1306 x 245mm
Cabinet, finish£º15mm high density fiber board Black matte waterborne coatings
Mounting system£ºA round base plate Landing installation
Rigging£º8mm installation hanging point 16pcs
Protective grill£ºNo screw free detachable black screen cloth
 Elements & Accessories
¡¤    V4¡¢SUB115¡¢C1c
¡¤    D26
¡¤    DSP28
Pdf  C2h.pdf

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   Ktv rooms
   Class D
   Special system
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