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The voice is very secret, ONE AUDIO  British company is a commitment to explore the mysteries of sound, in order to develop and manufacture professional speaker systems, electronic systems based professional manufacturers.
The idea behind the audio one product is to reproduce the sound that has not been rendered, not to be compromised by energy, reliability, or control. One audio engineer after nearly 20 years of research and development and breakthrough, master of the a series of core technologies and put these core technologies into products, including high reduction degree and ultra wideband "Kevlar" high power low-frequency professional unit, excellent sound characteristics of beryllium film tweeter, broadcast recording microphone, a world-class class D digital power amplifier, and so on. Our product's unique sound quality has been recognized by many experts in the field of acoustics.
In order to provide this kind of special quality, we have a deep technical know-how in the field of electromagnetic and electronic components as well as the perfect operation of computer aided conceptual tools. Moreover, as the hearing is the most sensitive of human perception, audio one beyond the sound of the technology to strengthen the application of the latest scientific development of auditory psychology to achieve the perfect sound reproduction. As a result of the development and manufacturing experience, as well as the past 20 years of accumulated experience, audio one has been able to provide a first-class professional products with high technical content, to meet the purity of the sound.
All of our products are designed, assembled and tested by ourselves, which allows us to ensure excellent manufacturing quality, high reliability and robustness in an extremely competitive professional audio world.
Audio one is active in the following applications:
1) fixed installations: airports, hospitals, churches, stadiums, conference rooms, hotels, bars, restaurants, exhibition halls, etc.;
2) mobile system: professional display environment, such as live music hall, theater, open, large halls, etc.;
3) broadcasting system: recording studio, television broadcasting studio, home theater and home theater;
4) according to the acoustic and architectural specifications as well as the prediction of the sound definition of the design of the private custom.
Due to the close cooperation with many external partners, whether complex or simple, whether digital, audio one in terms of sound facilities can provide you with a full range of solutions.
The internationalization of the sales network to make our products and services in Europe and Asia, the commercialization and sales have been guaranteed. 
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